Friends of Nillumbik asked Council

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friends of Nillumbik asked Council:
What progress is being made with a new local policy controlling small lot development in our rural zone?


Cr Helen Coleman (Mayor), responded:

Action 1.1. in the Green Wedge Management plan (on page 48) is to prepare a concise paper on small lot development to recommend actions to discourage further rural residential development of small lots in the Green Wedge.It will clarify the extent of the small lot development issue in the Green Wedge. Research on this paper is well advanced. The Green Wedge Management Plan Implementation Advisory Committee received an overview of research undertaken to date at its meeting on 20 November 2014. This included an analysis of the number of small lots in the Green Wedge, the disturbance area of a typical dwelling and early indication of the size of a substandard lot plus ideas for ways in which to address the issues, these include a new policy. The State Government is currently revising the Planning Policy Framework, and it is Council's intent to develop a new policy as part of the broader revision of the Nillumbik Planning Scheme.